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  • Founded: 2008
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Services: Domain registration, Free Whois Privacy, email solutions
  • Domain extensions available: Over 400
  • Support: Phone, email, support tickets
  • Known for: Great customer support, easy registration, promotions
Hover.com is another registrar that practices the approach "less is more." The company is focused on making domain registration as simple as possible for buyers who just want a domain at a decent price, without any of the extra add-on products that other registrars sell. When you arrive at Hover.com, you are presented with two options: register a domain or transfer one from another registrar. In a 2012 LifeHacker poll of more than 17,000 people, Hover was voted the 3rd best domain registrar in the industry. Hover's prices aren't the lowest, but they do provide a number of special discount codes throughout the year, so make sure you look for those codes first before registering with Hover. It also offers competitive pricing on "transfer in" domains as an incentive to get people to switch from other registrars. The company includes a free Whois privacy protection with every domain – a service for which most other registrars charge extra. According to LifeHacker, Hover offers "stellar customer support—support that when you call them up, a real person answers and hands-off domain migration from other hosts."  
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