by Greg Zuckerman | April 24 2017

What to Ask Before Buying a Domain for Your Business

Buying a domain name for your business is a quick, simple process. But while it only takes a couple minutes to register a name, that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it any thought.

Your domain name will likely become one of your business's most important marketing assets. It will affect how people arrive at your website, what first impressions they have, and how well they remember you. All of these factors ultimately impact your bottom line, so it literally pays to choose your name wisely.

Here are several questions you should consider as you prepare to register your name.

1.) Why are you buying a domain name?
This one may seem simple, but it's important that you understand the fundamental reasons for registering a domain name. This helps to ensure that you're choosing a name that makes sense for your business.

Registering a domain is important for several reasons:

  • Credibility: A good domain looks professional and more trustworthy than a generic Wordpress domain or Facebook page.

  • Memorability: A good domain makes it easy for visitors to remember your website and return again later.

  • Information: Your domain is a destination for your website, where visitors can gather information themselves, instead of calling you and eating up your time.

  • SEO: Some domains can help to improve your ranking in search results, if they include a keyword that is relevant to what you offer.

  1. Are there any numbers or dashes in your desired domain?

There shouldn't be. Numbers and dashes will make it harder for visitors to remember your domain. Be sure to also avoid abbreviations.

  1. Is the domain easy to remember?

If someone told you about the domain, aloud, would you know how to spell it? Would you remember it the next day? Be sure that your domain is memorable.

  1. Is it short?

The shorter the domain, the better. Shorter domains are typically easier to remember.

  1. Will you need additional services with your domain?

Get ready – your domain registrar is going to sell you on a number of additional services when you register, such as hosting, email packages, web building tools, SEO services, Whois privacy protection and others. Don't take the bait, unless you're sure you absolutely need these add-ons. Often, you can purchase some of these services through other companies for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Will you need to redirect your website?

It's okay if your website isn't built yet. But in the meantime, you should consider redirecting your domain to a temporary destination, such as your Facebook page. You can control your domain redirect settings in your registrar's domain management interface.

  1. How many years do you want to register it?

You have the choice of registering your domain once a year or registering for several years at once. If you plan to keep the domain for the long term, then it may make sense to register for several years. This hedges against the risk of price increases at your registrar, and some registrars also offer discounted rates for longer registrations.

Final thoughts
Remember, buying a domain is incredibly simple. But by taking the time to understand your options, and the registration process, you can be sure you'll get the perfect domain for your business.