by Greg Zuckerman | March 7 2017

Can a Domain Name Increase Your Sales Conversions?

In recent posts, we've shown how a good domain name can boost the credibility of a business and also increase your customer retention rate. But can your domain actually increase your sales or other conversions, such as lead submissions?

It absolutely can, and there's plenty of marketing data that proves it. Here's how.

It's All about the Psychology of a Buyer
When someone visits your website, they make a series of quick decisions and assumptions without even realizing it. They're processing the look of your site, the images, the colors and the things you're offering. They're deciding, sometimes in a matter of seconds, whether they will stay on the page or leave. Even before they see a price or a full product description, they are subconsciously deciding whether they would buy from you.

So, what role does the domain play in all this? It all comes back to the same fundamental benefits of having a great domain name:

1) Credibility
A short, punchy, memorable domain gives your business credibility. In turn, this credibility helps to convert a visitor into a sale.

Consider these two domains:


Which one looks more credible? Without knowing what these sites sell, which one do you assume you'd be more likely to buy from?

Admit it – inherently looks more trustworthy. Even if you haven't loaded the site yet, you assume that it will probably be a dependable source for all-things-plumbing. That assumption automatically increases the chances of a conversion taking place, whether it's a sale, a lead capture, a newsletter sign-up or some other action.

Granted, not every business can afford to purchase a domain like But this is a prime example of how a great name can add credibility to a site.

2) Attraction
Beyond credibility, there's also the simple fact that a good name will make some people warm up to your business faster, which in turn helps your sales conversions.

What is it about domain names that make them likeable (or disagreeable)?

It could be a few things. If your domain name is cheesy, too long, doesn't make sense or is a mouthful to say out loud, it could leave a bad taste with your visitors. On the flipside, if your domain is clever or catchy, it can absolutely create a solid first impression that increases the likelihood of a sale.

3) Memorability
There's a good chance that most of your first-time visitors will drop off before performing an action. But the question is: how many will come back?

If your domain is clunky and hard to remember, it significantly reduces the chances that visitors will come back.

A memorable domain, on the other hand, makes it much easier for visitors to return to your site without the aid of search engines or other tools. And while the initial visit may not have resulted in a conversion, those visitors just might convert when they return.

--- Having a website alone can significantly help to increase your sales. But by pairing a great website with a great domain name, you can increase the rate of those conversions even higher.